Kootenay Columbia Property Assessments in the mail

There's a good chance your property assessment will be higher.

The Kootenay Columbia 2019 Property Assessments are in the mail, which reflect market value as of July 1st,  2018.

Deputy Assessor Ramaish Shah says the majority of residential home owners within the region can expect an increase, with the demand for housing in resort communities even stronger and reflected in this year's assessments.

A press release says overall, Kootenay Columbia’s total assessments increased from about $40.8 billion in 2018 to more than $43.6 billion this year, with local cities up from between 11 and 18 percent.

Castlegar single family residential properties are up 11 percent to 316-thousand, and Rossland and Nelson are up 18 percent, with the average in Nelson 462-thousand, and Rossland 338-thousand.

Trail is up 15 percent to 201-thousand, Grand Forks is also up, 13 percent, for an average of  259-thousand.

The Town of Creston is only up 2 percent.

But Shah notes that an increases in your assessment doesn't necessarily mean an increase in property taxes.

How your assessment changes relative to the average change in your community is what might affect your property taxes.