Kootenay Connect Project getting a big federal grant


Species at risk around the Kootenays have received a big boost from the Federal government.

The Ministry of Environment and Climate Change will be providing 2 million dollars over 4 years, as part of their Community Nominated Priority Places grant stream.

The Kootenay Conservation Program is the lead recipient for Kootenay Connect, a collaboration between conservation organizations in the Kootenays.

Marcy Mahr, who will be managing the grant, says they also have matching funds from local partners.

Kootenay Connect covers 4 areas, the Crescent Valley, the Columbia Wetlands, and the Bonanza Corridor in the North Slocan, as well as an area near Kimberly.

She says species at risk are more than just individual species, it's the habitat and connectivity of habitat that keeps the various species alive in our region, including wolverines, Northern Leopard Frogs, and Western Screech Owls.

There are a variety of projects in each area, but Mahr says work would likely start in the Spring.