MLA Michelle Mungall tours Nelson tech sector


A tour of local tech-companies in Nelson was at hand for the Honourable Michelle Mungall on Tuesday.

The now-Minister of Jobs, Economic Development and Competitiveness says one of things she wanted to get out of the tour, beyond meeting constituents, was understanding what is attractive about Nelson and rural BC to the tech sector, to assist it’s provincial growth.

Minister Mungall adds there's been great success in the lower mainland, and she's learned that lifestyle, opportunity, and connectivity are key to growing tech sectors in rural-B-C.

The Nelson-Creston MLA says one challenge that rural-tech companies face is regarding access to capital, so they can build a flourishing company from the ground up, adding government supporting small start-ups is critical

Mungall says talent is often concentrated around larger academic and urban centres, but her tour taught her how much excellent talent already lives here, many businesses having moved here specifically to tap into that talent.

Pit-stops included CoreLogic, SMART-1-Technoligies, and Cover Architecture.