Nakusp company one of 3 shortlisted to build new Kootenay Lake Ferry


A Nakusp company has been shortlisted when it comes to the design and build of a new hybrid electric diesel ferry for Kootenay Lake.

There are 3 companies that have qualified as bidders, including Waterbridge Steel of Nakusp, and Allied Shipbuilders and Western Pacific Marine, both from North Vancouver.

The 60 vehicle hybrid ferry would help deal with increased traffic in the summer, and would replace the smaller and aging MV Balfour.

It's expected to be up and running in 2023.

The ministry says the ferry would be powered by a hybrid diesel-electric engine that could be fully converted to electric by 2030, part of the province's CleanBC plans to electrify the BC inland fleet by 2040.

The ministry is also upgrading the Balfour and Kootenay Bay ferry terminals as part of the $50-million provincial-federal joint project.

Meanwhile Waterbridge designed and built  the MV Columbia ferry that services Shelter Bay to Galena Bay, along with several cable ferries...most recently the Glade 2 and Harrop Ferry.

Western Pacific Marine operates  the Kootenay Lake Ferry run.