Nelson Business Makes Waves in Distance Education Sector


A Nelson-based technology start-up is making waves in the distance education sector, delivering online programs to schools and homes featuring stories that celebrate the world.

The company moved their Victoria office to Nelson's Jam Factory building.

School District 8 is just one local organization tapping into Live-It's online nature Netflix-like platform, providing subscription based access to different stories.

CEO and Co-Founder Mike Irvine says topics are wide-ranging; they’ve recently wrapped-up work covering La Niña, working with one of Canada’s top storm chasers to cover key points about weather and the different types of systems across the country.

He says Live-it also covers creative challenges, science experiments, math equations, and features short video tutorials to engage students to do activities in their own space and on their own time, in the classroom or at home.

Irvine says the Nelson Public Library is another local partner; Live-It is creating tutorial videos to be used for people that want to use the audio and video assets that the library has amalgamated.

He adds they’re creating videos to show how each piece of equipment in the studio is used, and are advertising it out to the community to let their imaginations run wild.

The program has reached over 10 thousand people; it’s aiming to reach all of Canada by the end of 2023 and cover the whole world by the 20 year mark, with content in all languages.