Nelson-Creston runner-up addresses General Voting Day and campaign


The EZ Rock Newsroom caught up with runner-up in the Nelson-Creston riding this week, Nicole Charlwood for the BC Green party.

Charlwood finished with 32.93% of the votes on Saturday, about 900 votes behind the NDP's Brittny Anderson.

She says the community seems happy with what the party was able to accomplish in just 30 days, adding she wasn’t initially a candidate when the election was called and it took some time to appoint their candidate and get everything else ready.

Charlwood adds having the best results the Green Party has ever seen in the Nelson-Creston riding is a really proud moment for her.

Elections BC hopes to have final election results by November 16th.

She says it would be quite an upset for the Green’s to win in the end and congratulates Anderson on her predicted win and successful campaign, calling it “quite a coo” if she manages to gain the necessary votes in the final count.

Charlwood says when you have a public run like this, opportunities present themselves and she's currently considering her options.

For now she's enjoying a normal life and expects to be getting busy pretty quickly one way or another.

Charlwood says snap-elections can often turn voters away and thanks anyone who took part in the process from the bottom of her heart.