Nelson Fire Crews Respond to Burning Smell on Josephine Street


Nelson Fire & Rescue Services say what could have been a major commercial building fire last Wednesday, December 30th 2020, was narrowly avoided when an employee noticed a suspicious smell.

Crews responded to a report of a burning smell at the 500 block of Josephine Street, roughly around 12:30PM, following the scent and preparing to breach a suspected rental unit.

Upon gaining entry a smoldering laundry bag of tightly packed oily linens from a message therapy business was found, which fully ignited in front of firefighters within three minutes of being relocated to a safe spot outside.

No injuries were reported, but Nelson Fire & Rescue have a plethora of pointers to hopefully avoid any repeats.

They say many oil-based products have the potential to spontaneously combust under the right circumstances and oil soaked linens should be laundered as soon as possible.

They add you should also avoid storing them for extended periods of time.

Nelson Fire & Rescue says if you have to store the linens before washing, store them outside and away from other combustibles, preferably in a metal container with a lid.

The linens should be completely washed at a high temperature of at least 104-degress Fahrenheit before drying and dried on a low heat below 125-degrees.

You should also avoid large stacks and instead sort them into smaller piles.