Nelson Fire Rescue says a call could have been much worse without a smoke alarm


Nelson Fire Rescue says it was fortunate a caller heard the smoke alarm in an apartment building this week, or the situation could have been much worse.

They were called out this week to a report of a smoke alarm sounding from the upper floor unit of an apartment building.

They were able to access the locked apartment, and found that a pot had been left on the stove with the element turned on, burning the food in the pot and melting a plastic colander.

 A search of the apartment discovered that the tenant was at home but had not been alerted by the smoke alarm.

The apartment was evacuated so the crew could ventilate the suite

Fortunately there was no other damage to the suite or injuries.

Officials are reminding resident to never leave a stove unattended while cooking, and to make sure they have a working smoke alarm.