Nelson Restaurant Owner Addresses Early Closure, Policing Rules


(Image Provided by Facebook: Main Street Diner in Nelson)

An in-the-moment decision for a Nelson Business Owner over the long-weekend is garnering provincial attention after the Main Street Diner closed early on Saturday before dinner-service.

Owner Nick Diamond says it was just like any other busy-Saturday, but as the day progressed more and more unfamiliar faces popped up and the energy shifted.

He says the crowd seemed to turn less-considerate and people began pulling tables together, moving chairs around the deck, waving hands, demanding service, walking off the street to use the restroom without a mask or speaking with staff and just expressing general unfriendliness.

Diamond adds when staff started to get stressed out the decision was made as they don’t appreciate having to police the rules.

He says he regrets being pressured and put in that position but doesn’t regret his action, adding he would do the same if the situation ever repeated itself.

Diamond says he’s disappointed that a small group of people see the action taken differently than he intended, adding it was not political statement but purely a decision based on the safety and health of his team, with no knowledge of on-goings that day outside the restaurant walls.

He floats the take-out-only option as one potential change and says they'll act accordingly moving forwards, but states the restaurant is already going above and beyond provincial health orders and he doesn’t imagine any rules will be added.