Operator Responds After BC SPCA Seizes 40 Dogs from Property


The Owner of Spirit of the North Kennels says he is appealing the BC SPCA's seizure of 40 dogs from his operation near Salmo.

Al Magaw is challenging claims that he was uncooperative with officials and says at first there wasn`t much that was asked of him that he wasn`t willing to do for the dogs, but the sticking point came when officials insisted he insulate the dog houses.

He says he’s not willing to be bullied or forced to do something that isn’t required of him under Canada's Sled Dog Code of Practice, especially if it won’t benefit the animals.

Magaw calls insulating the kennels something expensive to do that won’t actually improve anything.

He says one picture circulating the internet since the seizure of his dogs is of a past-his-prime pooch named Ajax, and claims the picture misrepresents him.

Magaw claims BC SPCA use this picture to suggest he doesn’t look after his animals, with no mention of Ajax’s age being near the average lifespan for his breed, or how the loyal, hardworking, fast and sometimes scrappy racing Alaskan husky has helped guide his blind brother as they both grew older.

The Spirit of the North Kennels Owner says he's actively filing an appeal and looking for a lawyer with knowledge of canine law in BC.

Magaw is 82-years old and says he gets a $1000 per month pension and survives by doing behavioural therapy for dogs, but estimates getting all 40 of the dogs back would cost at least $50,000.

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