Planning work under way for Groutage Avenue Esplanade Development

The Trail Groutage Avenue Esplanade Development got a big boost recently.

The city was awarded a CBT grant for over 237-thousand dollars as part of their Community Outdoor Revitalization grants.

Mayor Lisa Pasin says the full project budget is approximately 660-thousand dollars.

At a meeting this week they allocated money for planning the project, and they gave pre-authorization for budget inclusion for the remainder of the project

She says planning will start immediately in order to be breaking ground in the spring to meet the deadlines of the grant.

They're also going to be doing some water and sewer work in the area. 

Pasin says if you're going to redo a street, you want to make sure utilities are upgrades.

So with the grant they're going to be combining a capital project as well, from the city with the grant in order to do both at the same time.

The Groutage Avenue Esplanade Development will tie Jubilee Park to the new Pipeline Pedestrian Bridge.