Power outages in the South Slocan area last week


Over 2-thousand Fortis-B-C customers in the South Slocan area experienced power outages on Thursday - here's why.

At approximately 1-20-P-M third party damage knocked down a tree impacting about 9-hundred-20 costumers.

Power was turned off for the remaining 17-hundred customers as a precautionary measure until crews were on scene.

Cooperate Communications Specialist Jaf Baweja says they encourage anyone doing work to look up and make sure they're not in a working area that contains an overhead power line. As well it's always a reminder to never touch or approach a downed power line if you do come across one.

Baweja says power was restored to the 17-hundred customers within half an hour, and the remaining 9-hundred customers had power back in just over two hours following repairs.