RCMP focus on school zones as students return to class


Classes are back in session this week and with that, so is school zone speed and safety enforcement.

Grand Forks RCMP Sergeant Darryl Peppler says speeding through school zones can see a $196 fine if you're less than 21KPH over the limit and a $253 fine if you’re more than 21KPH over the limit.

Furthermore, failing to obey a school guard or passing a school bus can see you fined $167.

Peppler says more kids will be going to school at later times or leaving at earlier times, but he’s noticed that when school is in session the majority of motorists are respectful that kids could be around at any time of day, adding fines are still issued when necessary.

Drivers are urged to be extra careful especially as students may be distracted by putting on masks and might not always be as alert.

RCMP also says wearing bright colors and putting reflective decals on bags and backpacks can help drivers see them as early as possible.

You can head to your school district’s website to find a back to school plan.