RCMP officer trial day four, week one recapped


The Jason Tait manslaughter trial is soon heading into its second week at Nelson's Capital Theatre.

Thursday morning’s proceeding focused on a Vancamp trucker's recollection of the January 2015 incident near Castlegar's Kinnaird Bridge after already answering some questions Wednesday.

Defence lawyer David Butcher questioned some inconsistencies in the witnesses’ testimony.

The witness is said to have previously suggested in a 2015 interview with police that the pickup driver was about to hit the officer involved, adding he had to defend himself; one of his Thursday answers suggested he may have told police just what they wanted to hear at the time.

Butcher asked if it's possible the officer involved in the incident was holding up his left hand to say "stop" rather than holding a weapon, to which the witness disagrees.

The second witness Thursday is an Independent Investigations Office representative who says she conducted the scene examination and later helped RCMP assess Edey's vehicle which found a City of Nelson parking ticket, fast-food wrappers and open alcohol.

Now let’s take a look back at some of this week's other testimony to the eight-man, five-woman jury.

The Crown alleges the Castlegar RCMP Constable's decision to pull ahead of Waylon Edey's vehicle and confront him on foot, leading to Edey's death, went beyond the legal use of force.

The defense asked a former member of the Independent Investigation Team why they didn't interview West Kootenay Road Safety Officers as part of their probe, as well as why a use of force report was requested as late as it was.

Two witnesses so far have been commercial truck drivers, one at the time worked for Chambers and the other Vancamp; they were stationed on the ramp connecting Highway 3A to Highway 3 at the East end of the Kinnaird Bridge as the incident unfolded.

The 13 member jury wasn’t the initial plan: Justice Catherine Murray says three of the initial 16 jury members are excused.

The EZ Rock Newsroom will have more on this as the story progresses.