RED Mountain President Speaks to COVID-19 Safety Success

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COVID-19 Outbreaks have impacted ski-hills like Big White and communities like Fernie, but local hills like RED and Whitewater are running a different course.

President and General Manager of RED Mountain Ski Resort Don Thompson says besides a one-off anti-mask incident, it's been mostly smooth sailing.

He explains there is real recognition that keeping the mountain open, being able to ski outside and enjoy time with family has been a high priority for the community and the hill has seen minimal issues as a result.

Thompson chalks the success up to strong community messaging between the hill and their partners, heightened screening for lodging guests, active training for employees and having a team that is strict about following provincial health guidelines.

He says on occasion there are incidents that need addressing, but between a volunteer group and RCMP stationed on the mountain, RED has remained successful in both enforcement and planning.

Thompson adds RED spent nine to 10 months designing their operational-plan for this year, starting as soon as the last ski-season ended.