Rossland council sticks with Thompson Avenue traffic pilot


Some Rossland residents are voicing their disapproval of temporary stanchions installed on Thompson Avenue to deter speeders.

A letter from "Citizens of Thompson Ave" to council says snow removal will create even less space for pedestrians to walk safely, calling the barriers both a danger and a nuisance.

Council installed the latest traffic calming features through the summer as a pilot to run through each season but petitioners this week requested they be uninstalled.

Mayor Moore says council's hopes of completing the pilot are just one reason the new features are staying, the other reason being that a large portion of the project is based on data collection, with a device subtly monitoring traffic speed as road-users drive as they normally would.

She says this system has been ordered but hasn’t yet arrived or been installed.

Moore asks the community to be patient and wait the pilot project out, adding what the city also needs is for people to simply slow down and obey traffic signs along the road in question.