Rossland council supports RDKB curbside collection group


An East End Curbside Collection Working Group from the RDKB is receiving a letter of endorsement from The City of Rossland.

The proposed template would see municipal residents currently receiving garbage collection receive a green bin for kitchen scraps by the RDKB, with Rural Area A and B residents receiving both compost and garbage collection services by the RDKB.

Mayor Kathy Moore says during discussions one councillor inquired into the extra charge residents who are already composting their own organics would be facing.

The question was almost brought to the public but council was confident enough in the proposal and the Boundary region’s success with the program over the past few years.

The Working Group calls the green bin model a feasible way to launch the service as present curbside collection contracts expire, adding it could absorb garbage collection service from municipalities who eventually wish to harmonize.

Funding for the program will be provided through the Regional Solid Waste Service which is funded through the use of garbage tags.