Rossland Council to Write to Government Regarding Opioid Crisis


Rossland City Council was keen to support a request on Tuesday put forward by Moms Against Harm presenters last month.

This week council passed a motion to write to various government bodies regarding potential actions against the opioid crisis.

The motion aims to see the overdose crisis declared a national public health emergency.

It also seeks public input by those most affected to help the fed's develop an overdose action plan, including supports and considerations of reforms other countries have utilized such as legal regulation of illicit drugs.

Mayor Kathy Moore says resourcing the change their fighting for would be near-impossible on a local level.

She explains that RCMP would be under-resourced if Rossland followed-through with decriminalizing illicit drugs, but only a portion of other surrounding communities jumped on board, adding that it requires a uniform law and preferably a federal one.

Recipients include Prime Minister Trudeau and The Federal Health Minister, with copies to BC's Provincial Health Minister and Doctor Bonnie Henry.