Rossland Subdivision and Development Bylaw Goes to Public for Feedback


Rossland city council is updating the Subdivision and Development Servicing Bylaw.

The bylaw is the key to how people work to create subdivisions within the community.

Mayor Kathy Moore says first reading was given on Monday and is going out to the public to gather feedback before going any further.

She says it’s a good accomplishment considering how important the bylaw is for any municipally, adding it’s past-time that Rossland’s be brought up to date; the bylaw was originally adopted in 1998 and has seen several minor amendments since then.

The update brings the city in-line with the Master Municipal Construction Document.

Primary objectives include climate resiliency, water conservation, reducing energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions, and remaining attractive and competitive for business.

Proposed changes include decreasing road pavement widths and promoting individual building roof and driveway drainage in subdivisions and developments.

The plan can be found online and feedback must be submitted before February 26th.