Salmo Library Director Receives BC Award of Excellence


(Image provided by Facebook)

The Salmo Valley Public Library Director is being recognized for her work at a provincial level with a BC Award of Excellence from the Association of BC Public Library Directors.

Taylor Caron says she was nominated by a Kootenay co-worker unbeknownst to her and received the surprising news just last month.

Caron says her award is really for all representatives of smaller libraries and those that support them, adding the person that nominated her came from a larger facility and may have greater appreciation for the amount of work necessary and challenges that come with smaller libraries.

She explains it’s normal for her to go from fixing a broken toilet one day to writing an $80,000 grant the next, but says there are a few other key reasons she may have taken the spotlight.

Caron says she’s done some things over the years like introduce an after-school snack program for lower-income kids to come to the library for food if they can’t go home, as well as working with the resource society, youth centres, the Columbia Basin Alliance for Literacy and networking with other community groups to help make the library the living room for the community that it’s become.

Just two weeks ago Caron was awarded virtually at the Association of BC Public Library Directors Annual General Meeting, and her physical award arrived in Salmo last Tuesday, April 26th.