Scam in Nelson shows up as RCMP phone number on call display


A scam that's showed up in the Nelson area this week involves a phone scammer posing as an RCMP Officer.

According to Police, a local woman got a call Wednesday, in which the caller identified themselves as an RCMP officer calling to collect fines

The catch is the call appeared as the Nelson RCMP on her call display.

The fraudsters are using Caller ID spoofing.

This popular tool allows scammers to disguise their calls, as the call will appear to be coming from local or familiar numbers to trick people into answering the phone and trusting the caller.  

In this case, the number that appeared on the call display was the non-emergency number for the Nelson area RCMP.

Acting Sergeant Brett Turner says that member of the RCMP will never contact individuals for the purpose of collecting fines or taxes.