SD10 Superintendent addresses back to school plan


Back to school is right around the corner and back to school plans can be found on your School District's website, School District 10 Arrow Lakes included.

Superintendent and Secretary Treasurer Terry Taylor says they're hearing positive remarks from parents and kids which she thinks has a lot to do with SD10's successful dry run in the Spring.

She explains that between 40% and 50% of kids were in schools through April and May as well as almost all of staff; 100% of staff and about 70% of students were in class for June so the District has already had a chance to test out enhanced cleaning, physical distancing and other measures.

Taylor says one big change this year is the mandatory mask policy for areas were physical distancing may be more difficult; another is the new learning group cohorts.

She says smaller schools are being considered one single learning group whereas more populated facilities like Nakusp and New Denver Elementary are split.

The learning cohorts aim to reduce the number of contact by having smaller group sizes; they would also be more efficient for contact tracing if there was ever a COVID-19 case.

Taylor says it’s going to be a really different year, but a really good year too.

While many kids across the province have been out of school for about 175 days if they didn’t attend any school through the pandemic, that isn’t the same for SD10 says Taylor; she says education is a key part of a society and it’s time to get back to class.

She says the whole school district is excited to welcome back all leaners for Thursday, September 10th, adding the first few days will focus on orientation for new health and safety procedures and lots fun and engaging learning activities.

Taylor says SD10 has always excelled in looking at place conscious learning, environmental education and outdoor learning initiatives, which to her understanding could be positive in times like these.