SD8 Board Chair speaks to Back to School Plan


Students and student guardians can now find School District 8 Kootenay Lake's back to school plan online.

Board Chair Lenora Trenaman says while some parents and trustees might be concerned, the board of education has got your back; she adds an intense amount of effort is being made to ensure the safest and most positive return to school as possible.

She says it’s about learning how to live in today’s “normal” and adapting as you go, adding SD8 staff are well equipped to handle current circumstances and SD8 facilities are kept clean.

Trenaman says families need to keep children at home if they’re unwell and you should avoid coming near school if you are unhealthy.

Daily health checks are vital to keeping everybody safe.

She says once the Ministry approved the School District’s plan it was the Superintendent’s responsibility to meet with principals and draft plans for each respective school.

Mandatory masks in high-traffic areas, floor markings and sanitizer dispensers on school buses are among the latest SD8 guidelines.

Also, if you leave a school site during the day, health and safety protocols must be completed again before re-entry.

Parents and guests must make an appointment with the school Principal before entering a building, and immediately report to the school office to sign-in once there.

There’s a whole lot more included in the plan so click here to be as prepared as possible.

You can also click here if you’re returning to school in School District 10, or click here for School District 20.