Second day of RCMP officer trial looks at IIO investigation


This Tuesday, September 29th, was day two for Jason Tait's trial as the RCMP Constable faces manslaughter charges for an incident over five years ago.

Day two kicked off with a witness: a former employee of the Independent Investigations Office and a primary investigator on the January 2015 incident, who is also said to have answered some questions the day prior.

Defence lawyer David Butcher picked at Tuesday morning's witness.

Butcher inquired into the latency of requesting a use of force report and the initial decision to not interview any members of either road safety team in the area.

The discussion focused more on Tait's vehicle maneuvering and whether it reflected what is taught during RCMP training, rather than it did his use of a fire arm.

As it was explained, Tait followed Waylon Edey after identifying him as the driver in the Ootischenia area, then overtook and pulled in front of his vehicle Westbound Highway 3 before getting out and onto his feet.

The EZ Rock Newsroom will have more over the following days.