Second week of RCMP officer trial continues in Nelson


The second week of RCMP officer Jason Tait's manslaughter trial continues at Nelson’s Capitol Theatre.

Tuesday morning's proceedings led with Doctor Jason Doyle of Vernon Jubilee Hospital at the witness stand; he’s said to have examined Edey's body following the 2015 incident.

Doctor Doyle confirms a gunshot wound was determined the cause of death and no other evidence could account for the death.

The rest of the morning focused more on determining what Tait new at the time of the incident, for example impaired driving patterns, Edey's driving prohibition and his level of willingness to flee from police.

Corporal Phil Mager was the next witness, a Subject Matter Expert for RCMP in all aspects of impaired driving involving drugs and alcohol with 25-years working in the field across BC.

Mager had also answered some questions on Monday and told Defence Lawyer David Butcher on Tuesday that he’s had to reconstruct his memory of January 29th, 2015, with the recorded information provided to him.

He testifies that it would have been best to stop Edey before entering a heavily populated area such as the opposing side of Kinnaird Bridge, if no-one else's life was put in jeopardy, also saying that he believes pulling in front of a vehicle to stop it is a less common maneuver but one that is still usable under a specific set of circumstances.

The trial at Nelson's Capital Theatre continues today.