SEFC Report Shows Warmer, More Rainy December Than Normal


The December Climate Report is out from Castlegar's Southeast Fire Centre.

A temperature of 6.4 degrees set a new daily record high on the 19th with a nine-degree day setting another daily record high for the 20th.

Overall December was both warmer and more rainy than normal; the record high temperature for the month is 11.6 degrees set in 1980.

Weather Forecaster Jesse Ellis says another take-away is the melted water equivalent of snow; usually the total more than doubles that of monthly rainfall but December's figures were almost the same.

He explains that snow is measured in two ways, the first measures how high snow piles on the ground while the other brings a snow gauge inside, and warms it up to measure the melted water equivalent.

Ellis says this is done because snow falls in different densities; heavy, wet and more dense snow can pile up to the same height as light and fluffy snow.

He adds one factor is a lack of artic air across the region which saw our warmer temperatures.

Ellis predicts slightly cooler temperatures for the next couple of months paired with slightly lower than average snow-levels, adding it’s challenging when so much of our local conditions depend on modified artic outbreaks, which continue to be very difficult to predict more than seven or 10 days out.