Trail Council amending their Conventions and Delegations Bylaw


Trail Council is going to do things a little differently when it comes to upcoming FCM and UBCM conventions.

Council is making some amendments to their Bylaw for Conventions and Delegations.

Mayor Lisa Pasin says the first change is to the Union of BC Municipalities the past an unlimited amount of councillors have been able to go, now the change is to the Mayor, a Senior Staff Member, and 3 councillors to attend the meeting annually.

With FCM council had allowed the Mayor and one councillor, now it's 1 voting delegate, who can only attend once during their term.

Pasin says there's a couple of reasons.

One is budget related, and making sure it's the best use of taxpayers money.

The 2nd reason is for the size of the municipality it wasn't felt it was the most efficient use of resources to send multiple people to either conference, particularly the FCM. 

She says the AKBLG, and UBCM are more relevant for council.