Trail RCMP addresses Halloween happenings, lack of social gatherings


Halloween was quiet for Trail RCMP on the illegal social gatherings or parties side of things, but they did still respond to 18 calls for police service on Halloween night.

The detachment was also proactively patrolling local neighborhoods.

Early Saturday afternoon the detachment responded to a 42-year old Pass Creek man refusing to wear a mask in a downtown-Trail business, who had caused a disturbance when confronted by the owner.

A 59-year old Grand Forks man was detained for trespassing later that afternoon for refusing to leave another downtown Trail business when refusing to properly wear a mask.

The detachment says an anti-mask protest on the corner of Bay Avenue and Victoria Street earlier in the day went peacefully and without incident, adding businesses do have the right to ask clients to wear face coverings or non-medical masks, while clients have the right to not attend the business if they decide not to wear a protective mask.

Also On October 31st, a traffic stop conducted at 8:48PM with a rental vehicle along Victoria Avenue saw the vehicle seized and towed from the scene after the driver was determined to be prohibited from driving under the BC Motor Vehicle Act.