Trail RCMP Speaks to 2020 Holiday Impaired Driving Campaign


Trail RCMP says another 300 drivers and vehicles were checked between December 18th and 19th, taking two more allegedly impaired drivers off the road for their holiday season 2020 Impaired Driving Enforcement Campaign.

The Trail Detachment teamed up with BC RCMP Traffic Services, checking over 1000 drivers and vehicles throughout the campaign's entirety and taking nine drivers total off the roads while allegedly impaired by drugs or alcohol.

Sergeant Mice Wicentowich says typically around this time of year the detachment sees increased impaired driving due to the amount holiday events and festivities, but this year was unusual due to the pandemic.

Wicentowich considers the nine drivers taken off our local roads an exceptional feat considering the lesser amount of people driving, adding the holidays is an especially important time to conduct this level of enforcement as he’s been on the other side before when tragedy has stuck at the peak of the season.

He says numerous other violation tickets were also issued as RCMP found drivers without insurance, without licences that were prohibited from driving, people driving unsafe vehicles and more.

One road safety check stop saw a 40-year old Trail man arrested for allegedly breaching a court order not to possess weapons, after RCMP found two knives, a loaded handgun as well as fentanyl and cannabis. 

He's in court January 7th.