Truck drivers questioned in third day of RCMP constable trial


A pair of commercial truck drivers took the stand Wednesday morning in the manslaughter trial of RCMP Constable Jason Tait.

Wednesday’s first witness in Nelson’s Capitol Theatre has been a truck driver since 2009 and was trucking for Chambers at the time of the January 2015 incident.

He recalls returning to Castlegar about 10 hours into his shift after a trip down to Colville, Washington, earlier that day on January 29th.

He notes emergency vehicle lights were visible as he approached the ramp to Highway 3 from Highway 3A and remembers slowing down on the ramp to Highway 3 before stopping.

The witness says an unmarked SUV with emergency lights pulled sideways in front of a pickup truck at the tip of Kinnaird Bridge before the SUV moved slightly backwards, as if idling.

A second trucker was halted just ahead where the first had stopped; that was the second Witness on Wednesday, a 57-year old Vancamp trucker who thought that perhaps he'd done something wrong.

That witness recalls seeing an RCMP officer move his gear-shift before exiting the greyish SUV.

He says the empty police vehicle rolled back and lightly collided with the oncoming truck but it kept going for about 75 metres.

The EZ Rock Newsroom will have more on this story as the trial progresses; day four’s write-up will follow on Friday.