Update on Trail bear cub sighting


An update on last week's baby bear sighting in the Glenmerry area of Trail.

Online reports of a young black bear saw the Northern Lights Wildlife Society's involvement, as a volunteer was set to pick it up for transport on Monday.

Angelika with the Shelter, out of Smithers, says it's a perfect example of how responsible public reactions can work in favor of animals, as once a bear is habituated, it will always remember where the easy food is.

Upon capture they estimated the cub was born last year.

After health check-ups, micro-chipping and more, The Glenmerry Bear is estimated for release back into the wild this June.

An alleged baby bear sighting on Monday, January 27th, came a little earlier in the season than some Facebook users expected.

A user posted a picture of the cub, allegedly taken in Trail's Glenmerry Area just before 7AM

Wildsafe BC Coordinator David White says it does happen from time to time in our communities; some years back a bear was seen out of hibernation early near the Apex outside of Nelson.

The Northern Lights Wildlife Shelter of Smithers confirmed they received several reports of the Glenmerry sighting that day, adding that while impossible to make a judgement call from that far away, conservation can determine if a bear is a candidate for relocation outside the city, or to their facility.