Whitewater Speaks to COVID-19 Safety Success


While some ski-hills and communities across BC battle with COVID-19 outbreaks, local hills are following the rules and hitting the slopes almost incident-free.

The EZ Rock Newsroom caught up with RED Mountain last week; this week we ask Whitewater Sales and Marketing Director Peter Lonergan what sets the Nelson-area hill apart from some other skiing hot-spots where COVID-19 is more of a concern.

Lonergan says the community is playing a huge part in keeping operations running smoothly, adding while some people forgot to put their masks up or had other hiccups before health orders became second nature, this far into the pandemic almost everybody wears masks, understands the rules and the hill reportedly sees very little pushback.

He says not having staff-housing at Whitewater has taken a lot of pressure off the hill, where in other communities it's been a COVID-19 focus point.

Lonergan adds all staff training has been done online and ski resort personnel were "podded" at the start of the season.

The hill has mostly avoided marketing outside of the region since March, aiming to keep this ski-season locals-only, whereas the region usually draws a lot of destination guests.