Wild Connection Campaigners Address Zincton Petition


(Image: Provided by The Wild Connection; taken along top of London Ridge)

The Wild Connection Campaign is opposing potential developments for commercial ski operations in the New Denver-Kaslo corridor, petitioning against the Zincton-All-Season Resort proposal and more.

They claim the proposed location is considered prime grizzly habitat and a critical wildlife corridor.

Spokesperson Nicky Blackshaw says the petition will be going before the province once it gains more traction; the intent is to demonstrate to government that people want to press pause on any new or expansion of existing developments.

Blackshaw says the corridor is already jam-packed with existing commercial recreation tenures and has interest for resource extraction and recreational activities.

She says the project's expression of interest saw about 3100 people write-in but alleges that written-letters are the only way to give feedback for the time being.

The proposed location is also known to the Sinixt as the home of the rare and sacred White Grizzly.

Autonomous Sinixt Spokesperson K.L. Kivi says First Nations have not been included in any consultation so far, adding that Sinixt rights and responsibilities are recognized in their traditional territories under the United Nations Declaration of Rights of Indigenous Peoples regardless of the Canadian government declaring them extinct.

Kivi says they are not extinct and have been here for quite some time working to claim their rights and responsibilities.

She adds the land is also known for hunting, medicine and food gathering values, as well as recreational activities for all walks of life; she claims a project this size would be tragic for wildlife populations that are already being threatened.

The B.C. government’s Mountain Resorts Branch says the developer can begin work on a formal proposal to detail the project’s scope and impacts on the area.

The EZ Rock Newsroom has reached out for comment from the developer as well as Mountain Resorts Branch's Zincton Project Review Team; the Review Team has declined comment for the time being.