Written Letter, Lost Licence, Ski Patrol, more in Trail RCMP Report


It's a jam-packed weekly report from the Trail RCMP Detachment, starting with a thank-you letter received by police last week from somebody pulled-over late-January.

Two Trail detachment members, Cst. Kurtis Olineck and Cst. Leo Turko caught word of an erratic driver January 29th: An elderly man reported to have had a number of near misses.

Substance-use was ruled out and police drove the man home and brought his vehicle, before making a formal recommendation to the BC Motor Vehicle Branch to have the man assessed medically.

A written letter was in Trail RCMP's hands by February 9th and explains the man was actually taken to hospital later that January-evening and transported to a regional facility the next day due to a brain bleed.

He shares a heart-felt thank-you and says he's now home and well.

RCMP says a 34-year old Trail man was released from custody after wandering into the Webster Elementary School in Warfield last Friday and wanting to deliver an impromptu presentation.

The man was reportedly acting erratically and started to partially disrobe after being confronted by Principal Brian Stefani, who RCMP commends for his brave and professional handling of the incident.

It's believed the man had been suffering from a mental health issue and was under the influence of a substance; he hasn't been formally charged at this time but will be monitored.

A 22-year old Rossland man lost his Learner's Licence on Sunday after failing a roadside alcohol-screening test.

A Trail RCMP member noticed a grey GMC SUV shortly after midnight before the vehicle suddenly pulled into a parking stall and a man suddenly exited the driver's seat.

RCMP are reminding residents that Class-7-Lisences have restrictions like requiring a qualified supervisor in the front passenger seat, having zero-alcohol or drugs in your blood when you drive and no driving between midnight and 5AM.

The Trail Detachment is also announcing the continuation of ski patrol up at RED Mountain for another year, adding six members have signed up to conduct patrols through the ski season which has proven to be particularly important when ensuring compliance with the B-C-Emergency Act.

Lastly, an incident late Monday night saw Trail RCMP respond to a landlord-tenant dispute, when a 53-year old landlord kicked a 50-year old Montrose woman out of the residence following an argument about using air-freshener to cover up odour.