B-C C-D-C Releases Latest Local COVID-19 NUmbers

cdc jan 2

The Nelson area has been dealing with seven new cases of COVID-19.

B-C Centre for Disease figures for the week ending Jan, 2, also indicated there was one new infection each in the Trail, Castlegar and Creston areas while Grand Forks, Arrow Lakes and Kootenay Lake went infection free.

Pandemic-long totals until the end of 2020 listed 53 cases in Nelson and area, which included the Salmo cluster of 25 infections in November and early December.

The C-D-C said the number of cases in the Creston Valley last year totaled 20, with 18 in the Castlegar area,  16 in Greater Trail and just three in and around Grand Forks.

Other annual totals included two in Arrow Lakes, four in Kootenay Lake and 42 in the Kettle Valley which had another four cases between Dec. 27 and Jan. 2.

The Northeast Tri County Health District just across the border from the Kootenays reported 24 new daily infections on Wed., including 19 in Stevens County.

The district which serves a total of about 65,000 residents in Stevens, Ferry and Pend Oreille Counties has confirmed 1,885 infections, with 1,221 of those in Stevens County, which also accounts for 18 or 24 fatalities.

The Colville area has experienced the highest number of positive cases in Stevens County.