Bountiful Woman Writes Book About Her Life


Mary Jayne Blackmore calls her book "Balancing Bountiful" her coming of age as a woman.

It chronicles the 37-year-old's life as a child in the polygamist community, her marriage at 17, divorce, international travel and return to the Creston area community.

The daughter of former leader Winston Blackmore feels her feminism is a product of her background.

“Especially looking at my grandmothers, who were polygamist women and raised large families, and I saw very strong, powerful leadership through these women and the way they advocated for each other and for their lives,” said the single mother of two who feels every woman can relate to her story.

“This is truly my own story and it’s about my coming to independence in my womanhood, but in many ways I think this is any woman’s story,” said the author whose book has now been released.

She described growing up during what she termed the “glory days” of Bountiful which was self-reliant economically and from an educational standpoint. She said her outlook on life expanded with each new experience.  Blackmore feels that’s reflected in the book.

“I feel I’ve brought a perspective of curiosity in how people live and the way they live served me well in my life and I meet people from a really curious place, especially if it’s from a culture that’s unfamiliar to me,” said Blackmore who has now entered into a new relationship.   

She now lives in a cabin in Bountiful and said the book is a reflective look back at how her unique lifestyle and how subsequent experiences have influenced her development.

“It was an evolution of my coming of age I suppose, and really bringing up the bigger questions in my life about what my place as a woman in my community and in the world and how did my faith fit into that,” said Blackmore who spent about six years writing the book.