Conservative Candidate Committed to Climate Change

bc election 2

A Medical Equipment Repair Technician in Trail is the Kootenay-West Conservative Candidate for the October 24th provincial election.

Glen Byle who ran as an Independent in 2013 said he chose the Conservative Party because its focus on fiscal responsibility while making climate change a priority.

The avid cyclist from a one-car family said he is passionate about improving the area's active transportation network.

“The big thing for me is improving the cycling infrastructure so we can make good environmental choices,” said Byle who is also in favour of less government involvement in the economy.

“I like smaller government size, reducing tax loads, trying to move things more toward supporting businesses instead of having community work done through government organizations,” said the Conservative candidate who indicated he was able to get his nomination papers in on time because of his 2013 experience.

Byle said other potential Conservative candidates around the province weren't able to because of the tight timeline created by the snap-election call by Premier John Horgan.

He believes the ability of all parties and candidates to prepare equally would have ensured a truly democratic election on Oct. 24.

Byle said the decision to become a one-vehicle family and use a bicycle as his primary mode of transportation was made for economic reasons, but he became aware of the family's reduced carbon footprint and believes others following suit would have greater ecological benefits.

Byle also wants to leave a long lasting legacy for his children.

“I’d like to leave the planet better for them than how I received it. I want to be proud of the action I’ve taken,” said Byle.