Heart Attack Victim Of Mask Dispute in Nelson Recovering

rhonda comeau

Rhonda Comeau received good news on two fronts earlier this week.

The 54-year-old woman from Salmo continues to recover from a near fatal heart attack suffered in December after being spat on in Nelson last December during a face mask dispute.

She returned home from Kelowna in late December weak and without a voice due to intense treatment and has improved slowly and steadily ever since.

Comeau got an encouraging report from her heart specialist after Monday’s visit.

“I don’t have to go back now until my six month checkup, which is great, he said my heart is healing very, very well, he’s impressed with how well I’ve been doing,” said Comeau who has achieved some goals set late in 2020.

“I’m back in the office three days a week and still working from home as well, everybody at work has been so supportive and so wonderful and kind, it’s been a nice transition to get back to work, I really missed it,” said Rhonda, who is also getting active outside the office.

“I’m able to do some exercises now and go out walking and ride my bike and even got to play golf,’’ she said, adding the first round on the links had an ironic twist.

“The couple we got paired with, to tee off with, the guy is actually a paramedic, it was really great I got to play my first round of golf and we had a paramedic there in case something happened,” said Rhonda laughingly.

 Comeau’s husband of over 30 years is also back at work after taking time off to stay at her side in the early days of her recovery, including dealing with the mental trauma from the alleged incident in front of the Empire Coffee Shop involving a man who refused to wear a mask inside.    

The other good news came regarding the police investigation.

“I got a phone call from crown council and they are pressing (assault) charges, said Comeau.