Kootenay Freedom Rally Participant Pledges to Carry On Despite Tickets


The Winlaw woman who has received tickets for taking part in three Kootenay rallies against provincial COVID-19 restrictions said she will continue to protest.

The 58-year-old who asked to remain anonymous because of fear of reprisals, insisted the province hasn’t proven its justifications for the measures including that wearing a mask will prevent the spread of COVID-19 and that the vaccines are safe and effective.

She added a court challenge has been launched to overturn the three tickets totalling close to $7,000.

“My lawyers from Justice Centre for Constitutional Freedoms are fighting my tickets,” she said, adding there appears to be a solid basis for her case.

“The B-C Supreme Court has recently ruled in favour of upholding our constitutional rights to peacefully assemble and protest.”

Her latest $2,300 ticket came after an Easter weekend Freedom Rally in Nelson that police said violated provincial regulations even though it was peaceful and she maintained she will pay the fines if the court challenge is unsuccessful.

Police said she was identified as an organizer of rallies in Nelson, Creston and Castlegar, but the Kootenay Freedom member considers herself just another protester of a group that continues to grow, including health care professionals.

However, she said she has been the target of threats for her stance and participation in protest rallies.

“At times I feel threatened physically, but I pray, what’s most important to me is my relationship with God at this time, and I maintain that relationship, I have faith,” she said adding she’s not ready to stand down.

“I’ll continue to follow conscience and do what I can to protect human rights and freedoms,” she said.