Kootenay Unemployment Rate Increases


The Kootenay unemployment rate continues to rise.

After hitting 14.8% in May, the rate in June jumped to 16.1%.

Statistics Canada reported 12,700 people in the Kootenays were out of work last month as an additional 1,500 job seekers were looking for employment compared to the month before.

The COVID-19 pandemic hit the Kootenays hard in May as the unemployment rate increased over 3% from April to become the highest jobless number in BC.

The Kootenay rate for the three-month period ending in June of 2019 was 5.8%.

StatsCan pegs the BC unemployment rate for June at 13%, down from 13.4 in May.

The national unemployment rate fell 1.3% from a record-high 13.7% in May to 12.4 in June as the national agency said the Canadian economy added 953,000 jobs.

StatsCan reported 488,000 of those jobs were full-time and 465,000 were part-time.