Kootenay-West Needs Independent Voice in Victoria


Fletcher Quince feels it’s time for constituents of Kootenay-West to have an independent voice in Victoria.

The Rossland resident is an Independent candidate in the Oct. 24 provincial election who said provincial issues in the riding are similar to one polarizing city residents.

Quince said the circumstances surrounding emerging issues around Kootenay-West resemble the unsuccessful quest by Rossland residents to have a referendum question placed on the upcoming by-election ballot regarding the mixed use project in the city’s downtown area.

Quince said people he has spoken to are concerned about their voices being heard in local provincial areas of concern and believes an MLA free of party limitations and regulations would be better able to take their concerns to the provincial capital.

“The ability for people to have someone who is approachable, somebody who they feel relates to them and the ability for the independence of the area, the ability for people to say, for us, this is what we believe is best,” said Quince who moved to Rossland in 2009 to transform the historic Bank of Montreal building that now houses 15 local businesses.

The curator of a marketplace for Kootenay Creative Products said more Independent MLA’s in the legislature would benefit all British Columbians.   

“I think at a certain point we are reaching a point in our democracy where individual representation, independents from across the province should be looking at getting back in there (the provincial government) just to bring voices back to areas of concern for British Columbia residents,” said Quince who has been involved in many area organizations including the Greater Trail Community Skills Centre and the Columbia Basin Trust.

The candidate in the postponed Rossland City Council by-election hasn’t ruled out running in the municipal vote rescheduled for Nov.28.