More Kootenay COVID-19 Cases and Protests

covid 19

COVID-19 cases could be on the rise throughout the Kootenay-Boundary.

The B-C Centre for Disease Control says there were 24 new infections throughout the region for the week of Jan. 1 to Jan. 7.

The provincial agency listed only four cases during the previous week.

The C-D-C indicated there were 14 new infections in the East Kootenay over the most recent one-week period.

There have been 180 COVID-19 cases in the Kootenay-Boundary since the beginning of the pandemic and a total of 205 in the East Kootenay  

They will release the number of new cases in the localized health areas between Jan. 3 and Jan. 9 later this week, along with the pandemic-long totals.

Meanwhile Creston RCMP have fined the organizer of a protest against COVID-19 preventative measures for a second straight week.

The same person got another $2,300 ticket for Saturday’s demonstration on Canyon Street, the scene of a similar protest the previous weekend.

RCMP said the organizer was also arrested for obstruction after refusing to disclose her identity and was released once her identity was confirmed.

Police also fined four of the demonstrators of the Jan. 9 protest that attracted about 20 people.