Nelson Firefighters Limit Damage From Airport Area Grass Fire

nelson grass fire 2

The EZ Rock Newsroom caught up with Assistant Fire Chief Michael Deloise who says the wind was light at the time, but if it was worse there was potential for embers to cross the gravel road igniting another patch of grass adjacent to the Regional District office.

He says it isn't the first fire that crews have responded to in that area either; a number of fires have popped up around the airport and old CPR lands, usually from people being careless with smoking materials.

Deloise says he doesn’t believe the fire was burning for very long before passerby’s called it in, adding the area gets very dried out especially over long periods of time without any rain.

Nelson fire officials figure campers or partiers started a Sunday afternoon grass fire on Lakeside Drive.

Several witnesses called 911 at around 3 o'clock prompting a six-person crew to prevent the fire from spreading to a grassy area near the RDCK building. 

After extinguishing the 20-by-20 metre blaze, firefighters walked the area to make sure there were no hot spots and were thankful the wind wasn’t too severe.

Officials said there was a lot of debris left behind including bottles and cans.

Meanwhile, close to 100 fire fighters continued to work on the Talbott Creek blaze about 30km north of Castlegar.

It had grown to about 450 hectares partially due to high wind on Sunday, but officials felt growth to the southern and eastern sections of the blaze was slow and headed toward their control lines.

The wind caused bigger problems for crews battling the much larger wildfire at Doctor Creek north of Cranbrook.

The steep and rocky terrain was also problematic and partly responsible for the fire reaching close to 6,000 hectares in size over the weekend.

The Regional District of East Kootenay ordered the evacuation of 10 properties in the Findlay Creek area, but fire officials reported no structures were at risk.

Travel restrictions were also in place including parts of highway 93/95.