Rossland Mayor Apologizes for U-S Vacation.

kathy moore

“I screwed up, I absolutely screwed up,” said Rossland Mayor Kathy Moore about her decision to travel to the U-S in early April to visit family.

Moore pointed out as a dual Canada-U-S citizen she was legally allowed to cross the border and adhered to all health and safety protocols before and during her visit which included her husband who is also a dual-citizen.

However, the mayor admitted the decision to make the trip at a time when provincial health officials urged residents to stay close to home was the wrong thing for a civic leader to do.

“I agree that people in elected positions are held to a higher standard and I let that standard down,” said Moore.

The long-time Rossland council member and mayor said she intends to stay on until the end of the current term in Oct. 2022.

Moore feels having a second by-election of the pandemic following the vote for a new councillor would be too much of a strain on the city’s resources, while staff and council continues to work on several important projects.

“We’re currently working on revising our Official Community Plan, we’ve got some great trail infrastructure projects going, we have got some great grants for our dams and other key infrastructure, we’ve got our active transportation plan,” said Moore who also said work will also continue on the 100% Renewable Energy Plan with the Regional District of Kootenay Boundary.

The mayor said she understands the anger and criticism she has received, noting COVID-19 fatigue has many people on edge, but said criticism of City Council for her decision has been unfair.

“This is a personal decision,” said Moore.

“There is no responsibility of council or my city staff, anything like that about this, I take this fully as my responsibility,” said the city’s civic leader who apologized to everyone who is angered or offended, especially those missing loved one’s they are prevented from seeing because of the pandemic.

“I feel terrible, I mean my heart breaks for the people who are unable to do what I did, you know, they are unable, and I think I’m hearing a lot of anger from people because they say, how can you do this and I can’t,” said Moore.