Rossland Swimmer Conquers Christina Lake

aeren bowers

A Rossland woman didn't let COVID-19 stand in the way of doing a marathon swim.

Instead of a 26km swim in Switzerland cancelled because of the novel coronavirus, Aerin Bowers powered through a 19km journey of Christina Lake, conquering the 7-hour test of physical and mental endurance with the help of her support team.

“The people who kayak for you are really critical,” said Bowers who added they helped with guidance, sustenance and emotional support.

“They provide your eyes for you, they feed you, they help to motivate you, so you can’t really attempt to do something like this unless you have a committed team and people you can really trust.”

The Christina Lake journey was a seven-hour test of physical and mental endurance.

Bowers said keeping mentally focussed can be a creative process.  

“During the first half of the swim I kind of work out everything from budgeting to life plans,” said Bowers who added thoughts often change.

“In the second half of the swim my mind really settles down and sometimes I have a song in my head, sometimes I just think about swimming and you almost get into a meditative state,” said the swimming enthusiast who does several cross-training activities including yoga.

So what will Aerin do for an encore?

“An encore will be a six-hour cold-water this weekend in Lake Okanagan, so we are hoping it will be about 14-or-15 degrees,” said the Saskatoon transplant to the West Kootenay who can’t wait to take on the chilly Okanagan water.

“It’s going to be really exciting,” said Bowers.