Salmo COVID-19 Cluster Confirmed By Interior Health.

covid 19

Interior Health has confirmed a Salmo cluster of 23 COVID-19 cases.

The IHA said the majority of all cases between the village and Nelson over the past two weeks originated from several social events in Salmo, with the majority of new infections connected to those reported earlier this month.

The first case was reported by Salmo Community Services on Sat. Nov 7, with the village reporting a total of nine infections throughout the community two days later.

Mayor Diana Lockwood told EZ Rock News last week people became infected after attending social events in the village.

Thursday’s disclosure was the first time Interior Health made any references to numbers or circumstances.

Officials stated there is no evidence of widespread transmission and the risk of exposure outside the broader Salmo area is low.

Interior Health continues to monitor anyone who came in close contact with confirmed virus suffers, while those with COVID-19 continue to self-isolate.