Salmo Mayor Proud of Community's COVID-19 Response


If it can happen in Salmo, it can happen anywhere.

That’s the message from the Mayor of Salmo who also said the kindness of village residents is coming out amid a community outbreak of COVID-19.

Diana Lockwood pointed out once the shock wore off, residents took action.

“We, in a very short period of time had people on social media reaching out saying anyone who is sick and needs help getting groceries or medications please let me know and I will voluntarily drop it off at your door,” said Lockwood who added there was a common theme among the local people who contracted the novel coronavirus.

“They were all at one gathering and then the gathering moved to another spot that were public areas,” said the mayor.

Lockwood pointed out complacency contributed to the virus taking hold in Salmo.

“We do get lax in a small community because it hasn’t been here, we kept waiting for the first wave and we didn’t get it (any infections), people are getting the second wave and now we have gotten it,” said the long time public servant and volunteer in Salmo.

Although Interior Health won't confirm, the Village has reported nine local people have the virus.

The I-H-A said it's still investigating the infection rate in the broader Salmo area and won't comment on numbers, circumstances, or individual cases, but does caution against travel to areas with high infection rates like the lower mainland. 

Interior Health officials also urge people to socialize only within households and up to six additional close contacts.

Lockwood politely asks residents unwilling to wear masks in public to stay home and urges everyone to follow other provincial COVID-19 protocols regarding gatherings and social distancing.

There were 27 new cases throughout the Interior reported Wednesday afternoon and 525 across BC.