Search for Missing Dog has a Hollywood Ending


Jasper is back in his south Castlegar home after three days missing in the dense back country and after making two crossings of the Columbia River.

The 140 pound white Great Pyrenees got swept 12km down the high flowing river and remained missing despite several sightings.

The owners of the dog responded to each sighting in response to their social media pleas for information and Mary Hummell said it was a heart-wrenching process during each trip for their missing dog.

“We would run there and he had disappeared ten minutes before and we would go again in response to these calls and he would disappear again so it was just a really high and low experience for those two days,” said Hummell who added they were losing hope the day he was found.

She said a prayer while standing on a bridge above the mighty river that their beloved dog Jasper had already swam across twice.

“I was crying my eyes out and we were just so devastated because we hadn’t heard anything on that Sunday, nothing about him, and I just looking down at this crazy, crazy river and I remember just praying and saying God, you take care of the little birds, couldn’t you take care of my boy.”

 Mary and her husband Brent were driving down a road in a last ditch effort to bring their dog home when Brent refused Mary's request to stop the car and call for Jasper.

“He said it’s not like it’s Hollywood that the dog is just going to jump up and run towards you, we were probably giving up a little bit, and then maybe 30 seconds later there was the dog (Jasper) right in the middle of the road,” said Hummell.

Mary figures Jasper got out of their yard through a fence that may have been unclasped and could have been coaxed out or attracted by the coyote den across the street.

She said Jasper is happily reunited with his family including their other dog Dakota.