Selkirk College Makes Master Plan Amid COVID-19 Challenges

selkirk college

More student housing in Nelson and Castlegar are part of the master plan at Selkirk College.

Vice President of Student Services Kerry Clarke said benefits from the 20-million dollar housing project would spin-off into communities with little-to-no vacancies.

“So if we are able to increase our student housing capacity, what it does is it not only benefits students who get accommodation at a very reasonable price, it also assists the community in general,” said Clarke who added the proposed purchase of the building that houses programs in downtown Trail would give the College a long-term stable home in the Silver City.

“It also give you the ability to invest capital dollars because it’s along term investment opportunity, some of our leases are facility short term and so there is really limited ability for us to go in and put significant dollars into improving the building,” said the VP of Student Services.

Clarke pointed out operating since the COVID-19 outbreak last spring has influenced the future look at how technology could be utilized to provide programs.

“What does the future classroom look like? What does a classroom look like in 2030? Whether from technology or spacing or whatever it does, it’s one of those unknown things that we are challenged with,” said Clarke.

Meanwhile, fall enrollment is down 9% for domestic students and decreased 27% for international students.