Selkirk College Staffing and Student Situations Better than Expected

selkirk college students

The President of Selkirk College said cooperative unions and staff have cut down on layoffs since COVID-19 curtailed operations last spring.

Angus Graeme credited employees who accepted the College’s early retirement and leave of absence offers.

“We did have a really good response to our canvas for incentives to either retire early or take voluntary leave and 27 people came forward,” said Graeme who added employee groups also played a large role.

“We’ve worked with the unions and they have been just great around redeployment opportunities, so places were employees could be moved within the organization to keep working,” said the president.

College management decided not to renew some contracts but Graeme didn’t rule out reinstatement if final enrollment dictated instructors for those courses were necessary.

Graeme pointed out all of their courses are back although some have switched from in-person to online instruction and said the number of students returning is higher than projected.

“We will be down in our enrollment, but not as bad as we had thought originally so that’s good news and a real testament to the good work everybody has done over the summer,” said Graeme.

The college will make is final staffing decisions once they know exactly how many students have returned.